Ariel Car, working in synergy with Ecoprogram Flotte, uses the forecourts of the Ecoprogram Group, not only for logistics and handling vehicles for its own customers, but also for vehicle sales, fulfilling the need to offer the used car market a high quality product at competitive prices, with complete transparency and product traceability, offering a wide choice of vehicles.

Ecoprogram Flotte is specialized in vehicle logistics and in all complementary activities. Launched in 2005, the fleets division currently employs over 200 people, handles over 80,000 vehicles per year and creates a series of complementary car hire services.

Prestigious housing solutions created by developing luxury residential complexes, offered by expert and highly skilled personnel. Bleu Stars, the Ecoprogram Group real estate company, is distinguished by its reliability, integrity and professional experience.

Stock Lease is the Ecoprogram Group devoted to the storage and sale of end-of-lease products, particularly from leading companies including Arval and BNP Lease Group, of which Ecoprogram Group is a logistics partner.ave; partner logistico.  

ArielCar NLT - long-term hire – is the innovative mobility solution offered by the Ecoprogram Group and ArielCar to fulfill the mobility requirements of professionals and small businesses.

Ecoprogram Group is also synonymous with cutting edge environmental protection technologies: Anemotech is the revolutionary air pollution reduction system for big cities, internal environments and elsewhere.

Focus on

  • Affidata ad Ecoprogram Servizi la gestione del Mapei Stadium per la stagione 2015-2016
    Il Gruppo Ecoprogram porta a casa un altro importante risultato con l’assegnazione dei servizi di manutenzione del campo al Mapei Stadium di Sassuolo.
  • Sempre più forte la presenza di Ecoprogram Group all'interno di Expo 2015
    Prosegue senza sosta la presenza del gruppo Ecoprogram all’interno di Expo Milano.
  • Tim e Finmeccanica scelgono Anemotech per Expo
    Tim e Finmeccanica sono presenti con diverse installazioni all’interno dell’esposizione mondiale di Milano per garantire ai Paesi partecipanti ed ai visitatori il regolare funzionamento dei servizi essenziali (connessione dati a banda larga, traffico voce, rete wi-fi, climatizzazione). 
  • Al via la stagione dei grandi concerti a San Siro
    Al via la stagione dei grandi concerti a San Siro: affidata a Ecoprogram Servizi e Winch l’organizzazione dei servizi. Domenica 7 giugno è iniziata la stagione 2015 dei grandi eventi e concerti a San Siro. Nei prossimi mesi si esibiranno sul palco milanese artisti italiani, amati dal grande pubblico, del calibro di Vasco Rossi, Jovanotti, Tiziano Ferro.
  • Extended Expo by Tim: Ecoprogram c'è
    ​In occasione di Expo 2015 (maggio-ottobre 2015) Ecoprogram Group sarà presente con uno stand proprio all’interno di Extended Expo, la manifestazione parallela organizzata da Tim all’interno della torre panoramica di Rho-Pero, con vista su tutta Milano e sull’Expo.
  • EcoProgram Group e Ariel Car main sponsor del Derthona Basket
    Nella stagione 2014-15 il Derthona Basket si affaccia per la prima volta nella sua storia in un campionato nazionale, serie A2 silver!!!
  • Le proposte immobiliari di Bleu Stars
    I dettagli costruttivi della palazzina a Courmayeur di nuova realizzazione proposta dalla nostra società immobiliare.


Ecoprogram is a leading corporate facility and logistics service management company with the ability to perform all its client partner non-core business activities flexibly and competitively.

Founded and managed by the Barabino family, the Ecoprogram Group has been operating successfully as a full service company for over 25 years.

Ecoprogram is an extremely experienced, high profile company with a cutting edge organizational model, proven technical expertise and high contractual and financial reliability.

The strength of the company lies in the group’s corporate structure, which has offices across Italy: 12 sales offices throughout the country, including the islands, with over 350,000 sq. m. of showroom and sales areas

The group has a Team of 650 employees: the logistics activity is constantly monitored, based on organizational flows and processes, using modern and sophisticated computerized systems, making the Group even more competitive and particularly valued by customers.

The services provided by Ecoprogram are extensive and varied.