Global Service & Facility

Independent and autonomous, the Ecoprogram Group is the ideal partner for successful businesses: through the range of companies in its Global Service & Facility, customers are relieved of the burden of many daily activities, which allows them to focus on their core business.

Originally specialized in mechanical and electrical systems, Ecogropram Group now has the know-how and professionalism required to offer a high quality Global Service and Facility Management service, allowing its customers to outsource a series of activities, leaving Ecoprogram Group to perform them independently and with a high degree of professionalism.

For over 15 years, the group has been managing the Global Service contract for the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, to which it provides a variety of services:

  • scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of external and internal facilities and structural elements
  • repair, maintenance and replacement of the finish of any system component, in order to ensure correct operation and the safety of people working on the inside
  • scheduled and unscheduled cleaning
  • security and stewarding
  • coordination of the activities of all contractors

Many other services are provided and many other companies rely on the Ecoprogram Group to provide dedicated services through Ecoprogram Servizi, Winch and Bleu Stars Real Estate.

Bleu Stars

Prestigious housing solutions created by developing luxury residential complexes, offered by expert and highly skilled personnel. Bleu Stars, the Ecoprogram Group real estate company, is distinguished by its reliability, integrity and professional experience.

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