Winch is the group company specialized in providing selected and highly skilled personnel for security and surveillance, reception, stewarding and promotion services.

Winch is born of the experience gained by Ecoprogram Group in the work carried out in stadiums and a careful analysis of individual customer requirements.


Winch currently operates in major high capacity facilities:

  • Sports facilities seating upwards of 7,500 people, where a stewarding service is mandatory
  • Large retailers
  • Exhibitions
  • Conference centers
  • Concerts and major events
  • Public places
  • Showrooms and retail outlets
  • Hotels and resorts

Winch is able to offer highly skilled personnel for events (fashion shows, meetings, corporate and public events, concerts museums, art exhibitions and theaters, medical conferences) involving a large number of visitors and requiring the presence of stewards, hostesses, tour guides, promoters, security and surveillance personnel. The Group has managed major events such as concerts attended by over 80,000 people, Italian League and Champions League games.

The professionalism gained by Winch in the sector is also demonstrated by the various certificates and accreditations awarded over time: certification for BS EN ISO 9001:2008 courses, TULPS license for reception services in public places, IT.S022-28/12 quality certification.

Winch operates in many different sectors: