Ecoprogram Group is also synonymous with cutting edge environmental protection technologies: Anemotech is the revolutionary air pollution reduction system for big cities, internal environments and elsewhere. 

Working with leading companies in the sector, Ecoprogram Group offers this innovative system of patented sheets to reduce pollution caused by traffic, heating, emissions in general from industrial and civil production activities.

The special Anemotech sheets consist of an activated carbon adsorbent sheet, protected on both sides by a water repellent three-dimensional fabric that separates the polluting molecules in the atmosphere. Appropriately installed in urban centers and along busy roads, in public and private buildings, Anemotech can reduce the levels of the most well-known precursors of fine dust (secondary particles) including PM 10, PM 2.5 and PM 1.0.

The use of Anameotech is recommended in indoor environments, such as offices or public or residential buildings, and outdoors, in wide open spaces, in the first case close to potential sources of pollution, generally electrical and electronic equipment (photocopiers, PCs, etc.), and heating systems, in the second case, in external environments, close to areas of heavy vehicle traffic or near production plants.

In addition to making an important technological contribution and protecting the environment, the use of Anomentech sheets contributes to embellishing the environments where it is used, as it allows an infinite number of graphic customizations (for more product information, go to