ArielCar NLT

ArielCar NLT - long-term hire – is the innovative mobility solution offered by the Ecoprogram Group and ArielCar to fulfill the mobility requirements of professionals and small businesses.

Dispelling the belief that car hire is a “luxury” for the few, for a fixed and “transparent” monthly payment, ArielCar NLT provides any customer with a car or commercial vehicle for a period that satisfies their actual requirements.

There are many benefits to the service offered byArielCar NLT:

The following have already chosen ArielCar NLT:

Ascom Pavia – Associazione Commercianti (over 5.000 members)

Ordine Avvocati di Milano (over 20.000 members)

Confcommercio Milano (over 40.000 members)

Confcommercio Bari (over 3.000 members)

Federalbergi Milano (over 400 members)

Spediporto Genova (over 400 members

Ascom Taranto (over 1.200 members)

Casartigiani Verona (over 2.000 members)

Confesercenti Verona (over 2.400 members)

Confindustria Alessandria (over 500 members)

Confindustria Sicilia (over 3.000 members)

Aidi – Associazione Italiana Dentisti Igienisti (over 1.700 members)


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