Ariel Car, working in synergy with Ecoprogram Flotte, uses the forecourts of the Ecoprogram Group, not only for logistics and handling vehicles for its own customers, but also for vehicle sales, fulfilling the need to offer the used car market a high quality product at competitive prices, with complete transparency and product traceability, offering a wide choice of vehicles.

Thanks to the partnership with Arval, ArielCar has thousands of vehicles on offer at Ecoprogram Group logistics sites all over Italy.

Its long experience in the commercial sector, allows ArielCar to meet a range of requests from companies and private customers, offering a unique range of certified and guaranteed products. ArielCar used vehicles are monitored from the moment they are first registered: the vehicles are initially hired through the Arval network and then transferred to ArielCar sites, after undergoing strict checks. Only then do the vehicles receive the ArielCar “identity card”

ArielCar has company cars, multibrands and commercial vehicles at each of its 12 retail sites across Italy, including islands, covering a show space of over 350,000 sq.m.

Customer can also reserve the car of their dreams before it is placed on the used car market.

In addition to being the first discount car outlet in Italy, ArielCar guarantees the collection, transport and delivery of vehicles throughout the country, pre and after sales assistance and completion of all the formalities required to put the vehicle on the road.