Ecoprogram Flotte



Ecoprogram Flotte is specialized in vehicle logistics and in all complementary activities. Launched in 2005, the fleet division has been built up over the years to create a company that now employs over 200 people (including 150 drivers, 10 operators of car transporter trucks owned by the company, 40 forecourt administrators), handles over 80,000 vehicles a year and provides a full range of services complementary to car hire.

Ecoprogram Flotte has developed the logistics business, creating a flow that includes the delivery of new cars for hire, the collection and storage of used vehicles, and an excellent customer service throughout each stage of the renting business.

By using modern and purpose-built proprietary software, Ecoprogram Flotte constantly monitors all stages of the vehicle hire operation, ensuring the precise coordination of each handling operation, including unscheduled ones, and the completion of all corresponding formalities.

Ecoprogram Flotte uses a logistics structure that has forecourts all over Italy: each forecourt can provide provide assistance to customers at each stage of the service: coordination of activities handling, management of inspections, vehicle preparation, smart repairs, administration:

Ecoprogram is a logistics partner of Arval, operating with BNP Lease Group for the collection and storage of end-of-lease goods, providing services to ALD and LEASYS (