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EcoGaranzia is the new service offered by Ecoprogram Group to everyone who purchases a vehicle at one of ArielCar's 12 locations throughout Italy.

EcoGaranzia will manage the various steps involved in claims for defects that occur while the vehicle is under Legal Warranty, in accordance with legal requirements and the principles of equality, good faith and ethical commercial practices, guaranteeing the full protection of the Purchaser's rights.

The exciting news is that EcoGaranzia acts an extension of the Standard limited Warranty.

EcoGaranzia integrates the Standard Limited Warranty in accordance with Legislative Decree 206 of 06/09/2005 (“Consumer Code”). Upon purchase, the Vendor shall guarantee that the Vehicle is in compliance with the Sales Contract, and applying the due diligence required by ArielCar's quality standards, the Vendor shall provide the Purchaser with all information needed to make a knowledgeable purchase.

EcoGaranzia will handle vehicle repairs in the event of breakdowns and accidents, and mechanical, electric and electronic parts if the quality standards of the product are found to differ from those stated at the time of purchase, following normal use of the Vehicle. Taking into account time, type of use and normal wear and tear of the vehicle, in the event of defects, EcoGaranzia will intervene with repairs, vehicle inspections and substitution of guaranteed parts.

The Benefits of Ecogaranzia:

Warranty Management: assistance and handling of claims related to defects arising under the Standard Limited Warranty

Toll free number: for assistance, call the toll free number from anywhere in Italy at 800-911-610

Roadside Assistance: in the event of a breakdown, Customer Assistance will send a tow truck provided the vehicle is on an accessible road

Courtesy Car: in the event that repairs require more than 8 hours of labor, a free substitute car will be provided

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