EcoProgram Group and Ariel Car main sponsors of Derthona Basket

In the 2014-15 season, Derthona Basket will be making its debut in a national championship, the A2 Silver, for the first time in its history!!!

Ariel Car will sponsor the team in its home matches, at the Palaoltrepò in Voghera, and in its many away games that will take players to numerous venues across the country. Following an excellent season, which saw the Tortona team play particularly dynamically, reaching the top positions in the ranking in a very short time, supporters are expecting a season of great scores.

Ariel Car’s commitment to supporting Derthona Basket is not limited only to match days; Ariel Car has in fact supplied cars and vans to many members of the team: 3 cars for leading US players and a nine-seater minibus for the junior teams.

During the season, with Palaoltrepò always sold out, two events were organized that saw Ariel Car as the main sponsor.

Go Lions from all the staff at Ecoprogram Group – Ariel Car