Extended Expo by Tim: Ecoprogram is there

During Expo 2015 (May-October 2015) Ecoprogram Group will have its own stand inside the Extended Expo, the fringe event organized by TIM within the Rho-Pero panoramic tower, with a view across Milan and the Expo.

The event conceived and organized by Telecom and TIM will be attended by a selected group of companies, united by the high tech products and services they offer.

For Ecoprogram, it will be an opportunity to present Anemotech, the innovative air pollution reduction system for indoor environments (offices, homes, etc.) and outdoor spaces (urban centers).

Working with leading companies in the sector, Ecoprogram Group offers this innovative system of patented sheets to reduce pollution caused by traffic, heating, emissions in general from industrial and civil production activities.

The special Anemotech sheets are made of an adsorbent fiber, protected on both sides by a water repellent three-dimensional fabric, and they work in two stages:

- the first stage captures the micro molecule in the carbonaceous fabric, removing it from the environment, thus reducing odor and bacteria

- in the second stage, once the molecules have been captured, the carbon reacts and breaks down the molecules, reducing them to their primary elements.

Appropriately installed in indoor environments (homes, offices, schools, hotels, public places in general) and outdoors (urban centers, busy road networks), Anemotech can reduce the levels of the precursors of fine dust (secondary particles) more commonly known as PM 10, PM 2.5 and PM 1.0., in addition to many other substances (NOX, CO, CO2, SO, COV, bacteria, molds, mites, dust) in the air we breathe.

Anemotech does not require any external energy source, including electricity, offering its users countless benefits. The opportunity to work independently (passive technology) allows Anemotech to be used in any context, guaranteeing zero impact on the surrounding environment

The benefits of Anemotech in short: 

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