Transparency in the used car market: an alliance between AutoUncle and ArielCar

AutoUncle, a Danish company present in 9 nations, has revolutionized online used car searches. Ariel Car was the first and is still one of the biggest used car outlets in Italy.

As of today, these two companies have entered into an important collaboration agreement.

Anyone searching for a used car on the website can compare prices with those on the search engine

Since 2005, ArielCar has been internationally acclaimed, and now has 12 trading platforms in Italy.  The alliance with AutoUncle has proven to be a fundamental choice that has further strengthenedArielCar's dedication to providing its clientele with clear, simple and transparent communication; values that are increasingly important in today's used car market.

Thanks to the new service, consumers can compare ArielCar's prices to the market's more quickly, and analyze them at their convenience.

AutoUncle's service simplifies searching for and comparing market prices of used vehicles in the same way that consumers research and compare other services today (e.g. airline tickets and hotel rooms). Nowadays, searching the used car market for prices is frequently done online by many consumers to compare parameters like year of production, mileage and so on. AutoUncle executes the search quickly, simultaneously analyzing multiple parameters and thousands of vehicles. The vehicles are then classified by category (“Excellent price”, “Good price”, “OK price”, “A bit pricey” and “Expensive”) via the evaluation system AutoScore, based on statistics and expert judgments. AutoUncle evaluates multiple parameters and takes into account the way they are written (e.g. the words "air conditioning" can be written different ways and the search process considers the variations).

Today searches 926,000 used cars published on 334 Italian sites. All over Europe, AutoUncle helps to easily identify used car prices, searching 5,830,000 ads on 2,777 different sites.

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